Courses at British English

  • English speaking and listening classes for correct pronunciation skills and clear understanding with foreigners.
  • Choose your days and time that are convenient for you including weekends.
  • Learn to communicate quickly and effectively.
  • Strong focus on conversation for social situations.
  • Improve and understand native spoken English with native UK teachers in all classes with Cambridge and Oxford training curriculum program.
  • Lessons will be designed for the area of your specific needs.
  • Small groups of classes 3-4 students.
  • Teaching methods to understand easier and quicker.
  • 1 to 1 also available for quick results.
  • Native UK teachers in all lessons.
  • Courses take 3- 4 months for 6-7 score points
  • Training staff skills for best qualities in customer care in formal speaking conversation.
  • Training basic skills for socializing for small talk with customers.
  • Training steps for winning customers in presentations and meetings.
  • Training in being courteous on the phone and understand customers requests.
  • Training staff in clarifying and explaining clearly with customers, connecting and taking action in difficult situations.
  • Training in complaint strategies, policies and problem solving steps.
  • Training in writing formal e-mails to customers and courteous ways.
  • Improve your relationship with customers in person over the phone and writing skills
  • Role-play situations to improve your confidence in the real situation.
  • Formal speaking skills for handling customers and connecting and taking action.
  • Dealing with problem solving and complaint strategies and policies professionally.
  • Skills for winning customers needs and making arrangements.
  • Day to Day conversation in foreign countries during school semester.
  • Helping students listen and understand native speaking teachers.
  • Building confidence in students in speaking and understanding lessons.
  • Learning quickly and effectively on communicative approach with role plays and lessons to learn easier methods to get quick results.
  • Lessons will also provide you with self study materials you can practice at home .
  • Teaching material is all Cambridge and Oxford curriculum with UK teachers in all lessons.
  • Speaking and listening classes with UK native teachers in all lessons.
  • Day to day conversation and correct native English pronunciation skills.
  • Teaching skills for kids to be confident and not shy speaking with foreigners.
  • Role play lessons in listening and understanding quickly.
  • Parents are invited to come to class and see the improvement and great results kids achieved in a short quick and effective teaching skills.
  • 1-to-1 classes also provided for quicker results with UK native teachers and also weekends can be provided to the parents choice of days and time.
  • Real situation role plays during interviews.
  • Questions asked in interviews training in what to say and not to say.
  • Being confident and prepared during interviews.
  • Teaching what interviewers are looking for in candidates.
  • Do's and Dont's for your success in your interview and help you get the job.
  • Helping you find the best candidates suitable for your company.
  • Helping to identify technical and interpersonal skills of candidates.
  • Helping in conducting interviews with specific needs.
  • Helping in reviews of candidates performance, strengths, and weakness.
  • Helping in interviewing candidates in problem solving and situation related to their job requirements.

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Our classes provide flexible timetables for customers who are busy with work.

Our classes offer free trial lessons and free consultation.

Our classes follow and adapt to students requests and focus on the area of the students choice.

Our classes provide 1-to-1 and weekend classes to all ages

Our classes care about students progress and students goals.

Our classes are voted 5 stars in all other review websites.

Our classes are focused on speaking and listening to UK native English speakers.

Our classes follow high standard Cambridge and Oxford curriculum program.

Our classes focus on using correct pronunciation and speaking skills.

Our classes are kept in groups of 3-4 and students who are at equal levels.

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